Recent Research Subjects

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  • Solar radio emissions and particle acceleration with IPRT/AMATERAS

  • Multi-wavelength observation of solar active region

Planets, and Satellites


  • Io-originated teneous gas and plasmas in the Jupiter's inner magnetosphere observed with HISAKI, and the Haleakala telescopes

  • Jupiter's infrared aurora taken with Subaru/IRCS and NASA/IRTF/CSHELL/ISHELL

  • Jupiter's synchrotron radio emission measured with IPRT/AMATERAS

  • Jupiter's decametric radio emission observed with the HF antennas

  • Jupiter's magnetospheric dynamics derived by Galileo


  • Satrun's auroral kilometric radio emission based on the Cassini data

  • Enceladus' oxygen torus obtained with Haleakala/T60/Vispec

Venus and Mars

  • Venus' middle and upper atmosphere derived by Akatsuki/IR1 and IR2

  • Venus' mesospheric wind and temperature field based on MILAHI data

  • Minor tracer gases on Mars revealed by MEX/PFS, and Exomars/TGO and ground-based telescopes(Subaru, SOFIA, ALMA etc)

  • Martian atmospheric gravity waves observed by MEVEN

  • Periodic variations of Venus upper atmosphere by Hisaki


Auroral Ionosphere, and Magnetosphere

  • Small-scale discrete aurora and pulsating aurora obtained with Reimei, ground-based imagers (Poker Flat/MIRACLE/ALIS) and EISCAT/ESR

  • Auroral polarization observed at Pokar Flat/Alaska

  • Auroral radio emissions measured with ground, rocket and space experiments

  • High-latitude ionospheric outflow and upflow obtained with Akebono and ground-based spectrometer at Svalvard

  • Radiation belt high-energy particle revealed with ERG and ground-based LF radar

  • Polar cap auroral dynamics in the northward IMF conditions

  • Evolution of convection electric field and energy transfer in the magnetosphere during geomagnetically disturbed conditions

Upper and middle atmosphere

  • Concentric atomospheric gravity waves at mid- and low-latitudes thermosphere observed by ISS/IMAP-VISI

  • Tenuous gas analysis in the upper atmosphere

  • Stratospheric sudden temperature increase


  • Moon's surface structure and plasma environment observed with Kaguya


  • Polarization observation of exoplanetary atmosphere with T60/DiPOL2

    Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation

  • Numerical simulation of molecular clouds in protoplanetary disk

  • KH instability in the Martian ionosphere and Mercury magnetosphere

  • Generation and loss processes of Venus' sulfuric acid clouds with a GCM model

  • Full-particle model of the Martian upper theremosphere-exosphere (Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method)

  • Atmospheric escape from Mars and Venus

  • Development of Martian GCM model

  • Dynamics of Joupiter's inner magnetosphere

  • Jupiter stratospheric GCM model

  • Martian ancient atmosphere derived by a GCM model


Space-borne Instruments

  • Reimei/MAC (Multi-spectral auroral camera)

  • ISS/IMAP-VISI (Visible and near-Infrared Spectrograph Instrument)

  • ERG/PWI (Plasma wave)

  • BepiColombo/MMO(Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter)/PWI(Plasma Wave Investigation)

  • JUICE/RPWI(Plasma wave) and SWI(Submillimeter Wave Instrument)

  • Mars Moon eXploration/NIRS4 (Near-infrared hyper-spectral imager)

  • Gaussian baffle vane for future Mars mission

Ground-based instruments