Planetary and Space Physics Group


Our group are studying the physical processes in terrestrial, planetary and solar atmospheres and plasmas using optical and radio measurement techniques as well as computer calculations. We are carrying out the ground-based measurements in domestic observatories in Japan, and overseas in Hawaii, Scandinavia, Alaska, etc. In addition, as a collaboration with JAXA, we join the international space missions such as the moon and Mercury orbiters, etc., and also participate in terrestrial satellite missions. Further, we are the members conducting the Global COE program 'Global Education and Research Center for Earth and Planetary Dynamics' in Tohoku University.

Our group consists of Space and Terrestrial Plasma Physics Laboratory, Planetary Atmosphere Physics Laboratory, Planetary Plasma and Atmospheric Research Center.

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  • Space and Terrestrial Plasma Physics Laboratory
  • Planetary Atmosphere Physics Laboratory
  • Global COE program
  • Dep. of Geophysics
  • Grad. Sch. of Science